Choosing your Photo

When choosing your photos take into account the shape of the Mybag you are purchasing. Your photo's will be cropped to fit so make sure there are no key features on the very edge of your shots if you do not wish for them to be lost in the cropping process.

Digital photos are now the easiest to work with, but please make sure when emailing your images that you DO NOT minimise them for email, please email them at their original size. Digital photo's should be sent as JPEG/jpg files and they are better left untouched, that way your images will retain maximum detail and this will allow us to work with the highest quality files possible.

We of course also work with printed photographs. They will be returned to you with your Mybag once it has been completed.

When using professional shots you must have copyright over the photos you use for your Mybag. If they are taken by a professional it is your responsibility to seek their approval before sending them to us.

Overall just remember that what you give is what you will get, so the better the quality of the photo you provide, the better the reproduction will be. Mybag does not guarantee a perfect print for your images on fabric, but we take every care to make sure your Mybag is created with the highest of quality in every aspect of the creation of your individual piece.


Cleaning Instructions

We are proud that your Mybag is made & produced here in Australia.
Here are a few tips to keep your Mybag in the best condition. To keep the shape of your Mybag we recommend that when you are not using your bag, to please re-stuff with the tissue paper roll that it originally comes with. If the fabric gets a mark, you can clean your Mybag with a warm soapy cloth or soft brush. You can scotch guard your bag for extra protection, treat the fabric like you would treat any other. The images are permanently imprinted into the fibres; the image will not wash away or scratch unless you damage the fabric itself.